The secret to longevity finally unlocked through the first DNA test of its kind.

You're in control of your own health as you age. OriPRIME guides you on the best ways to sustain enhanced energy and vitality for the activities you enjoy in life.

Discover your predispositions in longevity, cognitive performance, inflammation, and sleep quality.

Some of the insights in OriPRIME

Elevated Homocysteine

Homocysteine is an amino acid found in blood, and high levels of it are linked cardiovascular diseases, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Cognitive Decline

Symptoms typically involve forgetfulness as well as decreased abilities in remaining focused and solving problems.

Inflammatory Biomarker CRP

Raised levels of C-reactive proteins (CRP) are linked to increased risk to strokes, sudden cardiac arrest, and delayed muscle recovery and repair.

Red Meat Diet Risk

High consumption of red and processed meat are linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer.

Poor Sleep Depth

Your body releases growth hormones for cell repair when you're in deep sleep. Poor sleep depth can lead to lowered restoration and recovery.

OriPRIME+ DNA Longevity Supplement Blend

No more multiple bottles of generic formulations with ingredients your body naturally just can't process!

A single convenient formulation containing all the specific vitamins, minerals and actives your body needs; blended with ginseng panax and herbs such as gingko biloba, reishi mushroom (ling zhi), silymarine (milk thistle) and andrographis (chuan xin lian) for enhanced energy and vitality.

Entirely customised to your DNA results using patented German microtablet technology.

Micro-tablets are easier to consume than conventional pills. Made using lab-verified ingredients of the highest bio-availability, and without buffers or fillers, for optimised absorption.

Compare OriPRIME+ and conventional supplements

Off The Shelf
Personalised dose according to your body's unique needs prevents unnecessary burden to your liver and kidneys.
Fixed doses that may be too much or too little for your individual needs.
Micro-sized granules (2mm diameter) are easy to consume and readily absorbed by your body.
Conventional tablets and capsules take longer to dissolve before nutrients are absorbed.
Once-daily dosage ensures accurate compliance.
Tendency to miss doses that are taken at different and multiple times in a day.
Personal batches produced at a time to ensure freshness.
Most brands and formulations use preservatives to maximise shelf life and saleability.
High bioavailable key actives in a single formulation of customised concentrations not available over the counter.
Multiple and separate supplements and pills needed to meet certain dosages.

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