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What is Wellness Genomics and what is the science behind it?

Wellness Genomics is the science of identifying links between genetic variations present in your DNA with specific wellness traits. While everyone should follow general recommendations to maintain optimal wellbeing, it may be important to pay more attention to areas for which you have elevated genetics-based risks. Your reports are generated by our Computational Genomics platform, which is built on the most rigorous science currently available to analyse genetics-based wellness. It is based on over a decade of highly curated global scientific research. When reading your report, do note that most wellness traits are influenced by three factors: your genetics, your nurture environment (ages 0-7), and your current lifestyle choices. As such, genetics is not the only determinant for the actual presence of a trait. Genetic predispositions can only tell you the statistical likelihood that you are predisposed to a particular trait such as vitamin deficiency or skin youthfulness.

What is DNA and genome?

The genome is genetic content, or hereditary information, composed of DNA, in humans and other organisms. DNA is built with four bases – Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G), and Cytosine (C). Although the genome of all humans is almost the same, a minor difference exists among individuals. This difference, called ‘genetic variation’, is responsible for various unique phenotypes, (appearance, e.g. color of skin/eyes, skin elasticity, skin sensitivity, etc.) and the difference in health status among individuals. In most cases, this difference or variation is passed on to the next generation (inheritance), which affects predisposition to certain health conditions and illnesses in offspring.