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S$ 220.00 tax excl.

A weight loss DNA test for effective and sustainable weight loss

  What Insights will you discover?

•    High Carb Diet Effectiveness
•    High Fat Diet Effectiveness
•    High Fibre Diet Effectiveness
•    High Protein Diet Effectiveness
•    Mediterranean Diet Effectiveness
•    Effectiveness of Calorie Restriction
•    Predisposition to Obesity
•    Resting Metabolic Rate Impairment
•    Satiety Impairment
•    Weight Benefits from Exercise
•    Weight Regain Tendency

  What else do you need to know?

  Your results will include dietary, exercise and lifestyle recommendations personalised to your DNA profile, and tell you the next steps to take that are most compatible with your genetic tendencies.

  You only need to submit your saliva sample once. To purchase “add-on” tests, simply checkout from our shop page - there is no need to resubmit your saliva sample.

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