No more guessing.
Exercise the way your body was built.
OriFit simplifies your training for you to achieve your fitness goals faster.

Discover your predispositions to athletic performance, muscle properties, injury risk and weight management across 15 traits.


How effectively your heart, lungs and muscles use oxygen that determines your capacity for prolonged maximal exercise


The proportion of slow-twitch fibers in skeletal muscles that determines how well you perform physical activities of longer duration.


Commonly caused by repetitive force or movement, and mostly determined by bone mineral density.

Muscle Recovery

The ability and speed of your muscles to repair themselves that determine your potential to perform more rigorous exercises.


Your tendency to gain weight through fat consumption.

OriFIT+ DNA Precision Performance Blend

Multiple bottles of generic formulations; some your body naturally just can't process.

Highest Bioavailability
Customized formulation
Easier to consume
No fillers or buffers
Lab-verified ingredients
Patented European technology

Compare OriFit+ and conventional supplements

Off The Shelf
Personalised dose according to your fitness traits. Prevent unnecessary burden to your liver and kidneys.
Fixed dose that may be too much or too little for your individual needs.
2mm x 2mm micro-sized granules are easy to consume and readily absorbed by your body.
Conventional tablets and capsules take longer to dissolve before nutrients can be absorbed by the body.
Once-daily dosage ensures accurate compliance.
Can be different and multiple times in a day, leading to a tendency to miss doses.
Personal batches are produced at a time to ensure freshness.
Most brands and formulations contain preservatives to maximize shelf life and saleability.
High bioavailable key actives in a single formulation and customised concentrations not available over the counter.
Multiple and separate supplements and pills needed.

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