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OriGUT Biome

S$ 210.00 tax excl.

Do you suffer from:
- Bloating?
- Indigestion?
- Constipation?
- Diarrhoea?
- Mental fatigue?
- Constant low mood?
- Sleeping difficulties?
- Weight problems?
- Physical fatigue?

OriGUT Biome is a comprehensive gut microbiome analysis that analyzes the trillions of gut bacteria within your gut. It allows you to discover your unique formula to a healthy gut & get highly personalized diet & probiotic strains recommendations to optimize your gut health.

What Insights will you discover?

a) Breakdown of bacteria composition in your gut
b) Overall gut microbiome diversity score
c) Digestive wellness scores
     - Intestinal barrier strength
     - Digestion efficacy
     - Bowel irritability
d) Mental wellness scores
     - Mood control
     - Mind clarity
     - Brain health
e) Physical wellness scores
     - Muscle recovery
     - Metabolism health
f) Personalized diet, probiotics, and lifestyle recommendations


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