OriFIT+ Customised Performance Supplements - 3 Months

S$ 360.00 tax excl.

  • 3 months supply customised fitness performance supplement

Nutrients Your Body Can Use

No two persons are exactly alike, even twins have different nutritional needs. Your genetic predispositions, gender, height, weight, metabolism, health history, medication intake and lifestyle choices influence your nutritional needs.

OriFIT+ MicroTabs offers a smart system of supplementation to meet your unique nutritional needs. We use pharmaceutical grade nutrients with patented advanced German technology that compresses multiple supplements into one convenient formulation. By combining into one high potency blend, MicroTabs provides customised formulation with the nutrients you need in simple, convenient dosing.

We do not use:

  •  Artificial flavouring or colouring
  •  Lactose
  •  Gluten
  •  Preservatives

*Please allow about a week for the delivery of your customised supplement.