A Skin & Beauty DNA Test that tells you your best skin care steps.

OriSKIN covers more than 190 genes to give you 10 Insights into your skin health, skin ageing and skin sensitivity.

No more trial and error. Simplify your skin care, and pamper your skin using a personalised serum containing all the powerful key actives your skin needs in a single clean formulation made with no synthetics, GMOs or animal products.

Some of the Insights in your OriSKIN Skin & Beauty DNA Test

Premature Collagen

Your skin's smoothness, firmness and elasticity depend on the balance between collagen production and breakdown.


Genetic variations in aquaporins (integral cell membrane proteins that allow movement of water) determine how well your skin retains moisture and ages.


Caused by the overproduction of melanin, pigmentation commonly appears as skin ages and tends to develop earlier in Asian skin.

Impaired Skin
Barrier Function

Genetic variations may cause skin barrier defects, aggravate skin sensitivity and irritation.

UV Damage

Damage to skin by ultraviolet radiation causes pigmentation, sagging and wrinkles.

OriSKIN Personalised Skin Serum

Personalised according to your OriSKIN DNA Test results
Clinically proven patented botanical actives
Lightweight texture that absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving any residue
Clean formulation with no parabens, alcohol, GMOs, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

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