OriPRIME Personalised Longevity Supplement - 1 Month

S$ 160.00 tax excl.

30 days supply of customised supplement formulated to your unique longevity and healthy ageing DNA results and needs.

A single convenient formulation containing all the specific vitamins, minerals and actives your body needs; blended with ginseng panax and herbs such as gingko biloba, reishi mushroom (ling zhi), silymarine (milk thistle) and andrographis (chuan xin lian) for enhanced energy and vitality.

Supplements that take into account your genetic profile is the most customised kind you can get. OriPRIME+ supplements are a smart system of micro-tablets made with the exact types and amounts of nutrients and premium herbs compressed into a single high-potency formulation.

What else do you need to know?

Each bottle is prepared in our lab just before it is sent to you each month, so you're guaranteed maximum freshness and effectiveness. Please allow about a week after receiving your DNA results or order for delivery.

We do not use any artificial flavouring or colouring, lactose, gluten or preservatives in our products.

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