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Day & Night Duo - Daily Repair Facial Serum + Radiance Revitalise Facial Essence

S$ 56.00 tax excl.

Launch Promo Price S$48.00

Daily Repair Facial Serum
Use in the morning before putting on your protective face mask and going about your day. Its high potency formulation uses vegan active ingredients which are specifically designed to reduce redness after long and frequent periods of wearing face masks. Also detoxifies your skin from daily pollutants, strengthens skin barrier, and smoothens it by making blackheads less visible and refining its texture.

Active ingredients include White Horehound, Erythritol & Homarine Complex, Marvel of Peru, Chamomile Extract and Rosemary Extract.

Radiance Revitalise Facial Essence
Use before bedtime after a long day of wearing your protective face mask. Anti-wrinkle and collagen-boosting peptides work together with anti-oxidative and deeply hydrating vegan active ingredients to nourish your skin, plump up fine lines, and reverse the effects of daily environmental stressors to restore your skin’s natural glow while you sleep.

Active ingredients include Tripe TCM Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide, Bacopa Monniera Extract, Black Tea Ferment Extract and White Tea Extract. 

What else you need to know?

Contains no parabens, alcohol, phthalates and GMOs.

For full ingredients list, refer to images in carousel.

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