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The ultimate DNA test for your health and wellness with 123 Fitness, Nutrition, Skin, Longevity, Allergy and Personality Insights covering more than 4,800 genes!

What Insights Will You Discover? 

15 Fitness Insights into Athletic Performance, Weight Management, Muscle Properties and Injury Risks such as VO2 Max Potential, Endurance Potential, Power Potential, Potential for Lean Body Mass, Difficulty in Losing Weight, Slow Metabolism, Muscle Recovery Impairment and Stress Fracture Risk.

30 Nutrition Insights into Food Sensitivity, Potential Vitamin, Mineral and Nutrient Deficiencies and Diet Management such as Sensitivity to Gluten, CoQ10 Deficiency Potential, Glutathione Deficiency Potential, Vitamin A Deficiency Potential, Vitamin B12 Deficiency Potential, Iron Deficiency Potential, Low Carb Diet Effectiveness and Low Fat Diet Effectiveness.

10 Skin Insights into Ageing and Sensitivity such as Antioxidant Deficiency, Premature Collagen Breakdown, Skin Dryness and Sun Sensitivity. 

34 Longevity and Healthy Ageing Insights into General Health, Cognitive Performance, Inflammation and Sleep such as Cognitive Decline, Information Processing Speed Decline, Hearing Loss, Macular Degeneration, Baldness, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver, Kidney Stones, Inflammatory Biomarker CRP, Overall Insomnia Risk and Poor Sleep Depth.

22 Allergy Insights into your Airway, Skin, Plants, Food and Chemical responses such as Airflow Obstruction, Eczema Risk, Allergic Inflammation Risk, Allergy to Pets, Allergy to Grass, Hay Fever, General Food Sensitivity Risk, Allergy to Peanut, Sensitivity to Mercury and Skin Hypersensitivity to Nickel.

12 Personality Insights such as Addictive Personality, Empathy, Mathematical Ability and Memory.

What else do you need to know?

Your results will include dietary, lifestyle, exercise, supplement and skin care recommendations personalised to your DNA profile, and tell you the next steps to take that are most compatible with your genetic tendencies.

You only need to submit your saliva sample once. To reorder your personalised supplements and skin serum, simply checkout from our shop page. There is no need to resubmit your saliva sample.

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