S$ 155.00 tax excl.

A targeted combo DNA test with 2 Fitness Insights, 7 Nutrition Insights, and 6 Sleep Insights.

What Insights will you discover?

1. Muscle Recovery Impairment
2. Muscle Soreness

Nutrition Deficiencies
1. Vitamin A 
2. Vitamin B6 
3. Vitamin B9 
4. Vitamin B12 
5. Vitamin D 
6. Iron 
7. Magnesium 

Sleep Issues
1. Short Sleep Duration
2. Insomnia Risk
3. Caffeine-Induced Insomnia
4. Poor Sleep Depth
5. Poor Sleep Quality
6. Sleepiness

What else do you need to know?

Your results will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations personalised to your DNA profile, and tell you the next steps to take that are most compatible with your genetic tendencies.

You only need to submit your saliva sample once. To purchase "add-on" tests, simply checkout from our shop page – there is no need to resubmit your saliva sample.

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