OriFIT Lite

A basic Fitness DNA test with 8 Insights covering 120+ genes.

What Insights will you discover?
1. VO2 Max Potential
2. Power Potential
3. Potential for Lean Body Mass
4. Fitness Benefits
5. Difficulty in Losing Weight
6. Overall Injury Risk
7. Muscle Soreness
8. Muscle Damage Risk

What else do you need to know?

Your results will include dietary, lifestyle and exercise recommendations personalised to your DNA profile, and tell you the next steps to take that are most compatible with your genetic tendencies.

You only need to submit your saliva sample once. You can also choose to upgrade to the full set of 15 Fitness Insights after this purchase. Having the full set of Insights enables you to order your own customised supplements that are formulated to your body's unique needs (see the Supplement section in our Shop).

To upgrade your test later, simply checkout from our shop page – there is no need to resubmit your saliva sample.

Compare OriFIT Lite with OriFIT

OriFit LiteOriFit
Scaled-down DNA test only.Full package with DNA test and customised fitness performance supplement
8 Fitness Traits using 125 genes.15 Fitness Traits using 581 genes.
Can't be used to formulate customised fitness performance supplement.Able to formulate customisd fitness performance supplement.
See OriFIT

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