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A Nutrition & Diet DNA Test that tells you your best ways to eat and supplement.

OriVIT covers more than 470 genes to give you 30 Insights into your potential food sensitivities, deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as diet management.

No more fad diets, Eat your way to your best health, and simplify your nutrition and diet based on how your body works using personalised expert advice by a licensed dietician.

You can even have your own personalised dietary supplement formulated according to your unique DNA test results!

Some of the Insights in your OriVIT Nutrition & Diet DNA Test

Vitamin A Deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency

Sensitivity to

Low Carb Diet

Clean, convenient formulation.

  • With over 120 ingredients in our drink mix system, get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and can actually absorb in a single supplement.

Great tasting vitamin drink. Just add water!

  • Delicious Mixed Berries flavour.

Sweeten the deal with zero calories.

  • Fun flavour profile with Sucralose.
  • Zero calories = perfect for weight management

Differences between an Ori Personalised Supplement and conventional ones

Ori Personalised Supplement
Off The Shelf
Personalised dose according to your DNA test results. Prevents unnecessary burden on your liver and kidneys.
Fixed generic formulations that may be too much or too little for your individual needs
Powder vitamin drink mix that is easy to consume and readily absorbed by your body.
Conventional tablets and capsules take longer to dissolve before nutrients can be absorbed by the body. Also difficult for some to swallow, especially children and elderly.
Once-daily consumption ensures accurate compliance.
Taken at different and multiple times in a day, leading to a tendency to miss.
Personal batches produced at a time to ensure freshness.
Most brands and formulations contain preservatives to maximise shelf life and saleability
Better mix of ingredients personalised into a single, convenient formulation.
Multiple and separate supplements and pills needed.

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