A Children’s Talent & Health DNA Test that tells you the best steps for your child’s development.

OriKIDS gives you 24 Insights into your child’s talents, health and diet covering more than 300 genes.

Guide your child using personalised expert advice by a licensed cognitive psychologist to unleash their full potential in ways that are most compatible with their genetic tendencies.

Some of the Insights in your OriKIDS Children’s Talent & Health DNA Test

Vegetable Intake

People with certain genetic variants tend to consume fewer vegetables and fruits which puts them at higher risk of deficiencies in some essential vitamins and mineral

Early Obesity Onset

Certain genetic factors contribute to unhealthy eating habits, overeating and lack of physical activity that cause childhood obesity and lifelong health consequences.

Reading and Spelling Difficulty

While reading and spelling difficulty is frustrating, it can be overcome with perseverance and techniques such as phonics instruction.

Musical Performance

Ability for pitch perception linked to inner ear development and neurocognitive functions that influence skill at learning musical activity.

Verbal and Numerical Reasoning

Cognitive functions that involve listening, reading, speaking and writing; as well as data interpretation and concentration in solving problems.

The roadmap to your child's future success

Targeted planning with certainty of their innate abilities.

Devote time and effort in only the right extra-curricular classes and programs.

Savings from designing their development to fulfil their natural potential.

Happier relationship with your child without unwanted arguments from forcing them into things they're not inclined for.

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