A DNA Test that tells you your likelihood to certain allergies, and your best ways to prevent allergic reactions.

Ori ALLERGY covers more than 1,300 genes to give you 24 Insights into your body’s potential response to certain food, plant, chemical and airborne allergens.

Don’t wait until you actually have an allergic reaction. Knowing your potential triggers enables you to take preventive measures against your allergies.

Some of the Insights in your Ori ALLERGY DNA Test

Eczema Risk

Avoiding hot water baths or showers, applying moisturiser regularly, using hypoallergenic skin care, and administering anti-histamines may help certain eczema symptoms.

Allergy To Pets

Knowing your tendency for pet allergies has big implications as pets are often viewed as part of the family while reducing exposure to animals as much as possible is the best strategy in managing such allergies.

Allergy To Eggs

Those allergic to eggs may experience skin rashes, hives, nasal congestion, facial swelling and swollen watery eyes after just minutes of consumption as their body’s immune system see egg protein as a foreign invader and attack it, causing allergic reactions.

Hay Fever

Fermented alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer, and histamine rich food such as cheese, yoghurt and pickles, have been associated with worsening of hay fever; and are best avoided if your symptoms are moderate to severe.

Allergy To Benzene

Benzene is a well-documented Group I carcinogen, and is found in a lot of household products like laundry detergents, adhesives, plastics and styrofoam. Minimise direct contact with these items, and bring your own metal or glass containers when buying takeaway food.

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