The People Behind The Curtains

Prof. Dr. Walter Wahli

Prof Wahli is internationally recognised for his contributions to the area of energy metabolism. He is the co-discoverer of the transcription factors (PPARs), which are activated by fatty acids and eicosanoids, and has provided fundamental insights into their multifaceted functions. His discoveries contributed in advancing the understanding of the molecular signalling of these lipids, which impact most key biological processes in vertebrates, including humans. He has published close to 330 papers in top-ranking journals, book chapters and editorials. He was awarded several prizes and recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne.

Dr. Cheryl Kam

She enjoys working with women, children, and those with emotional health and complex chronic health issues, using modern integrative methods to get to the root causes of disease.

Certified by the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has a good understanding of mind-body medicine, bringing depth into consultations where emotional wellness may be a limiting factor in recovery.

She works seamlessly with the team at Mint Medical Centre, and a close network of specialists, psychologists and nutritionists in bringing you to mind, body and spiritual wellness.

She regularly gives talks, workshops and writes articles to empower women as wellness advocates within their family and the wider society.

Dr. Ivan Puah

Dr. Puah was also personally trained by renowned French plastic surgeon Dr. Pierre Francois Fournier on Syringe Fat Grafting, Liposculpture, APTOS thread and Curl lift in Singapore.

A graduate of the National University of Singapore (M.B.B.S.), he also has a Diploma in Acupuncture awarded by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Singapore), which certifies him as an Acupuncturist with the Traditional Chinese Practitioners Board, Singapore. With knowledge in both Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Puah hopes to fulfill the aesthetic and beauty aspirations as well as boosting the confidence even of more people.